Designed to “train the trainer,” this workshop provides a high-level overview of the first three steps in the ATCM strategy:  Exploring, Engaging, and Evangelizing found in our Going Around the Corner Bible study.

Most Christians aren’t confident sharing Jesus with unbelieving neighbors.  We will introduce a simple, practical and biblical strategy that will give you, as a leader, the tools to train your people to live out the Great Commission right where God has you now!  After attending, you will be prepared to lead your group through the Going Around The Corner study and implement the mission in your neighborhoods and communities.

Under your leadership, participants in the study will develop an awareness that their neighborhoods and workplaces are the mission field where God has sovereignly placed them, learn to engage neighbors and co-workers through prayer and biblical good deeds, and gain insight and confidence in evangelizing by sharing their own personal story through the gospel.



Pastors, ministry leaders, and small group leaders who desire to inspire believers with a renewed vision for sharing the gospel, as well as provide a practical strategy for carrying out the mission.

Do you have a desire for people to know Jesus?  Do you want the people under your leadership to develop a passion for the gospel?  Overwhelmed with where to start?  Then this is for you!  As believers, we all have a story to share, and God wants to use us to tell others about Jesus.

 But we must have a plan and a strategy or the opportunities God puts in front of us will pass us by.  The Going Around The Corner Bible Study will equip your body to be light and salt right where they live, work and play!

Around The Corner Ministries has been a blessing to me, personally, as well as to our church. More than two dozen recently attended a six-week study, and all of us came away with a renewed desire to love the Lord and be aware of what He is doing in the lives of others. Todd teaches straight from the Scriptures, and he and Sheila model what they preach. Each session was a time of encouragement with practical application assigned. I am grateful for how God continues to use what we learned to be intentional about sharing the gospel with those He has put around us.
— Brian Proctor, Missions Pastor (First Baptist Church Hendersonville NC)


During this workshop, we learn what it means to truly be HIS.

  • His Harvest: God has sovereignly put you where you live, work and play, for His purposes.

  • His Heart: Praying for others gives us God's heart for the lost.

  • His Glory: Serving others through biblical good works brings attention to God.

  • His Salvation: God saves, and has chosen to use us as His vessel to share the good news.


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Last fall we invited ATCM to come for 4 Sunday-nights to share this outreach approach. First of all, the church had a blast. Todd was both energetic and engaging. The information was Biblically-based, and was easy to understand. The key is it focuses on one’s own neighborhood. Biblically speaking, our community is our field! The rest is simple. We get out in our neighborhood, pray for our neighbors, and get to know them in a casual, non-confrontational way. We develop relationships with them, often helping them with any need, and we do all this to earn the right to show and share the Gospel. Working with a “person of peace’ we create a community of believers in our own backyard and grow together. This model of evangelism is most relevant for the culture we live in today. The ATCM workshop builds on the process each week as they equip us to do what should be “natural” to the Christian. There is plenty of time for Q&A’s and even some role-playing to help train us in the Great Commission. Our church is excited about what we have learned. Every Christian has a story to tell and this book and class energized us to do just that. Whether you have a big or small church, I would recommend that you contact Todd today and set up a time for him to come and share this exciting approach to Matthew 28:18-20. Lifestyle evangelism works! If your church is looking to add a spark of excitement and wants to motivate your people to “get out and share the Gospel” then Going Around The Corner is for you!
— Pastor Clark Henderson, Newbridge Baptist Church (Asheville, NC)