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Just Pray E-Book [E-Pub]

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Every one of us experiences times in our lives where we feel unqualified or ineffective in God’s kingdom work. We live in a culture that glorifies physical beauty and strength, extreme skills, and dazzling talents. Life is a competition, and if we don’t stand out, or have special gifts, then the world considers us mostly unremarkable and of little use.

If you find yourself thinking, “What good am I to the kingdom anymore?” this devotional is for you.

 We believe you are strategically and sovereignly positioned to have kingdom impact in this generation through a simple commitment to prayer. How often have you heard someone say, “All I can do is ‘just pray’!” The reality is, the most powerful and effective thing we can do is pray.

 What would happen if today’s generation of aging saints decided to ask God for an army of laborers to be sent out into His harvest? What would happen if every believer who is limited by their physical abilities decided to focus their time and attention on seeking God’s heart and pleading for God’s Spirit to bring a fresh revival to our world?

God is not looking for people of strength and confidence. He is seeking those who know they are helpless and weak so that His strength and glory can be made magnified in us. No matter what your challenges or limitations, God still has work for you to do for the kingdom.

 We invite you to accept the challenge and just pray.

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30 days of devotions written to encourage believers. God’s not done with you, no matter what your age or physical condition. Learn to pray with purpose and be part of God’s redemptive work in your community.

Daily devotions are presented in a simple, easy-to-read and understandable format:
Take It In – A scripture verse or passage to read and meditate on.
Think It Through – An explanation or illustration that expands the truths found in the scripture.
Live It Out – A challenging application to consider and a prayer to seal the truths in your heart.