Grace & Glory E-Book [E-Pub]


Grace & Glory E-Book [E-Pub]

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What do we do when we face a crisis of faith?  When everything we believe is challenged?  When we find our feet on a path facing insurmountable obstacles?

That’s when we must discover (or re-discover) God’s purpose for our life and learn to live with a mindset of His grace … grace that reveals His glory. 

That’s exactly what happened to the followers of Jesus, as they watched Him die, met Him alive on the other side of the grave, and stood looking up into heaven as He returned to His Father.  When difficult times come, we are called to examine what it is that we really believe about Jesus.  And like those first disciples, our own 50-day journey will remind us of the grace that has changed our lives. 

Our hope is to encourage you to live every day so that the glory of God will be seen by the demonstration of the power of God’s grace in your life and the proclamation of the gospel of grace that has changed the world.

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Grace & Glory is a 50-day journey in the purpose and plan of God.  We explore scriptures that remind us that God created us for His glory, and is shaping us into His image-bearers by grace.  God planned this grace before time began; Jesus came to make it available; and the Spirit becomes our minister of grace as we learn to walk in it.   128 pages, soft cover.

Daily devotions are presented in a simple, easy-to-read and understandable format:
Take It In – A scripture verse or passage to read and meditate on.
Think It Through – An explanation or illustration that expands the truths found in the scripture.
Live It Out – A challenging application to consider and a prayer to seal the truths in your heart.