40 Days of Spiritual Awareness

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40 Days of Spiritual Awareness

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How often do we walk through our day oblivious to the work that God is doing?  We desire His presence in our lives and want to be part of His kingdom purposes, but our minds are distracted by the duties and obligations of our daily life.  As Christ-followers, we know there is a greater calling, and we long to step into it, but the demand of raising children, caring for aging parents, or just the daily grind of making a living and paying the bills outweighs our desire for a spiritual life focused on God.

All around us, God is at work.  He is drawing unbelievers to Himself and He is prompting His followers to be instruments of the gospel in the lives of others.  Are we listening?

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40 Days Of Spiritual Awareness focuses on how God uses His children to share the good news of the gospel.  This devotional will remind you of what is important:  an awareness of God’s work in our world, as He redeems and saves.  Built on solid Biblical doctrine, each day’s scripture and devotional thought will encourage, motivate and equip believers to carry out the Great Commission.  At the end of the journey, you will realize that you are an important part of accomplishing that work, and be prepared to join Him where you live, work and play. 80 pages, soft cover.

Daily devotions are presented in a simple, easy-to-read and understandable format:
Take It In – A scripture verse or passage to read and meditate on.
Think It Through – An explanation or illustration that expands the truths found in the scripture.
Live It Out – A challenging application to consider and a prayer to seal the truths in your heart.


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“As a church planter and pastor in the northwest, we battle a numbness to the reality of the spiritual condition of the region. Even the church is desensitized to the ever present hand of God working around us.  We are distracted by chaotic schedules.  We are discouraged by overwhelming stress and constant inadequacy.  We are often willfully blinded by the desires of our own hearts.  40 Days of Spiritual Awareness helped us as a church to recognize what God is doing all around us. As a body we began to see how to engage those around us with clarity and a new confidence.  Easter Sunday we celebrated the culmination of the “40 Days” by baptizing one of the biggest drug dealers in our region.  I can’t wait for this year's 40 Days of Spiritual Awareness!” — Pastor Allen James, The River Church, Hamilton, MT